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In recent years, the view on skin aging has changed enormously. To benefit from anti-aging products and treatments it is best to start at an early age! Meta Therapy is the perfect solution. A 100% natural skin enhancement method that works instantly. Delivers visible results without using botox, injections, or even without plastic surgery. Dermatude Meta Therapy improves the general condition of the skin and is effective in treating deep wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars and a dehydrated skin.

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Discover our Hydrating products

These moisturizing products improve the skin's ability, make the skin soft and smooth, and have an anti-aging effect. The skin's collagen and elastin production is stimulated and it is supplied with moisture for a long time.

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Discover our Oxygen products

Dermatude Oxygen products are rich in soothing ingredients and contain Revitalin®. The patented active ingredient Revitalin in combination with Glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid increase the moisture capacity in the skin. Result: a well-cleansed, smooth skin, ready for active skin care!

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