Large pores?

Pores are an important part of the skin and essential for healthy skin. Unfortunately, large pores or
enlarged pores can be very noticeable on the face and appear negatively. Many
people struggle with them, but fortunately, there are plenty of ways to address
this issue. We'd like to explain the function of pores and provide you with
information on reducing and preventing enlarged pores.

What are pores?

Pores are openings of glands to the skin surface.
Pores facilitate the drainage of sebum and sweat, allowing the body to cool
down and protecting the skin from drying out. Additionally, the drainage of
sebum helps to keep the skin supple. A lack of sebum can cause the skin to dry
out and lead to infections, itching, and irritation. When there is an excess
production of sebum, you may experience oily skin and clogged pores. This often
results in pimples and blackheads, and the pores can become enlarged. The size
of your pores is partly determined by genetics. However, oily skin and skin
aging also play a role in the development of enlarged pores.

What to do about enlarged pores?

First and foremost, it is crucial to properly cleanse
the skin. This applies to all skin types, as daily cleansing forms the basis
for healthy skin. By cleansing your face every morning and evening, you prevent
impurities, sebum, dead skin cells, and makeup residues from clogging your
pores and developing enlarged pores on your face. The Oxygen Boost Cleanser is
a gentle and efficient facial cleanser. Then, you can rebalance the pH of your
skin with the Oxygen Boost Toner. In addition to proper cleansing, using a
suitable serum and cream is also important. For oily skin, choose products from
the Hydrating line. For skin showing signs of aging, dehydration, dullness, or
sagging, use products from the Cell Recovery line. Another important basic step
is using a sunscreen specifically for your face. This way, you protect your
skin from UV radiation to prevent premature skin aging.

Complete skincare routine

Cleansing, nourishing, and protecting the skin
together form the basis of your daily skincare routine. To get the most out of
your skincare and prevent enlarged pores, there are several facial products you
can apply weekly to optimize your skin care. Use the Enzyme Peel weekly to
remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation. This way, dirt is
removed from your pores, reducing the chances of clogging and inflammation.
Additionally, the Enzyme Peel improves skin texture, leaving you with smooth
and radiant skin.


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