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Hydrating Skincare set

Hydrating Skincare set

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During a Hydrating Meta Therapy treatment you use the Hydrating skincare products at home. This helps prolong the treatment results and contributes to an optimal result.

The products from the hydrating line are rich in hyalonic acids and are suitable for people with a dry and sensitive skin.

The use of Dermatude skin care at home during a Meta Therapy cure is required: this will help prolong the treatment results and will contribute to an optimal effect. The pre-compounded sets contain all necessary Dermatude products to get started at home.

In addition to the Hydrating set, you can also choose between 3 sets:

  • Firming & Lifting Skincare set
  • Balancing Skincare set
  • Cell Recovery Skin care kit


Contains the Oxygen Boost Cleanser and the Oxygen Boost Toner. The hydrating serum and
cream. Lifting eye drops. Multi Defense SPF 30 in a mini pack.


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Your skincare routine

Investing only 3 minutes, twice a day can improve your skin dramatically!

Dermatude multi-product skincare routine

Different products are formulated to address different issues. Following a full routine will ensure that you skin is properly cleansed, moisturized and treated to give you the best results as fast as possible. Investing only 3 minutes, twice a day can improve skin dramatically. To make sure skin is properly treated to reach optimum results, we recommend 5 steps:

Daily routine

  1. Cleanse with Oxygen Boost Cleanser
  2. Tone & restore PH Balance with Oxygen Boost Toner
  3. Eye care with Lifting Eye Drops or Firming Eye Boost
  4. Moisturize & nourish with the serums & day/night creams
  5. Protect your skin from UV damage with Multi Defense SPF 30

Weekly routine

Cleanse your skin twice a week with Enzyme Peel & nourish it with additional nutrients with the help of the Skin Improvement Mask / Anti-Ageing Mask / Anti-Ageing Eye & Lip Pads

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