Are you dealing with dry skin?

Are you
experiencing dry, flaky skin? This often presents as tightness, flakes, or
itching. Dull skin tone and fine lines on the face can also be attributed to
dry skin. Many people struggle with this issue, especially during the winter
due to low humidity levels. This, coupled with taking hot showers and using
incorrect skincare products, can exacerbate dry skin. Even in summer, many
individuals contend with dry, irritated skin. To help you address your dry skin
concerns as quickly as possible, we've compiled a list of the right products
for your skin.

Characteristics of dry skin

A dry skin feels rough and gives you a tight and stretched sensation. Your skin
may look dull, and fine wrinkles and lines are more visible. Dry skin often
comes with flaking, itching, and cracks. A parched skin is caused by a
deficiency of lipids, also known as fats. This can include sebum, oil, or a
natural moisturizer like Hyaluronic Acid or water. The skin's natural
protective barrier does not function optimally as a result, leading to dryness.
It's important to know which ingredients are essential to hydrate and nourish your
skin, thus reducing dryness.

How to treat dry skin?

A dry or chapped skin can be very annoying, but fortunately, there are plenty of ways to
deal with it. By using the right products in the correct order, you will notice
a difference quickly. What do you need and how do you use it? We'll explain it
to you.

We at Dermatude have developed a complete skincare line specifically for dry skin:
The Hydrating line. Dry skin lacks moisture, so the skin barrier needs to
become strong and healthy again in order to better protect itself. The skincare
products in this line ensure that the chapped skin is nourished with
ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and moisturizing agents. These substances
retain moisture, making the skin appear thicker and fuller. Dry lines will
disappear, and the skin's texture will be improved.

Skincare products from Dermatude

A good skincare routine consists of cleansing, nourishing, and protecting the skin. As
mentioned, a dry skin must be well hydrated. With the Hydrating Serum, collagen
and elastin production is stimulated, giving the skin an anti-aging and
mattifying appearance. Next, you can apply the Hydrating Cream. This
moisturizing cream improves the skin's moisture-binding capacity, making it
soft and smooth. Daily use of the serum in combination with the day cream
ensures optimal results. Want to get more out of your skincare routine? Use the
Lip Pads or Eye Pads weekly to provide extra hydration to dry areas around the
eyes and lips. Use the Skin Improvement Mask for a lifting effect, an even
complexion, and to improve the skin's moisture-binding capacity. This mask is
suitable for sensitive, dry skin.

Do you have
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