Skin Booster Concept: Meta Therapy

A fresh look, firmer skin and contours, fewer wrinkles and an even complexion?
This is possible thanks to the 100% natural skin booster treatments from Dermatude Meta Therapy!

The results of a Dermatude Meta Therapy treatment are amazing.

• Proven effective
• Immediately visible results
• Safe and 100% natural
• No risk of skin damage
• Short recovery time
• Skin experts such as dermatologists, plastic surgeons, aesthetic institutes worldwide are enthusiastic and work successfully with Dermatude Meta Therapy

Skin improvement treatment

Meta Therapy offers an
ideal solution. A 100% natural skin improvement method that works instantly. It
delivers visible results without botox, injections, or plastic surgery.
Dermatude Meta Therapy enhances the overall condition of the skin and is
effective in treating:

• Deep wrinkles

• Fine lines

• Eye bags or dark
circles around the eyes

• Loss of firmness

• Loss of elasticity

• Enlarged pores

• Acne scars

• Hyperpigmentation

• UV damage to the skin

• Dry skin

• And many other skin

In addition to treating
the entire face, neck, or décolleté, individual wrinkles can also be targeted.

Proven results

Independent 'in vivo tests' confirm the effectiveness of Dermatude Meta Therapy. These tests
demonstrate that Dermatude Meta Therapy treatments increase the skin's
hydration level, reduce wrinkle depth, pore size, and pore depth, improve elasticity,
decrease redness and UV damage, balance sebum production, and reduce
pigmentation spots. Therefore, Dermatude Meta Therapy can claim 'proven

How does Dermatude Meta Therapy work?

During a Meta Therapy treatment at selected Dermatude Institutes, Meta Therapy activates the skin renewal mechanism. This is done with the patented technical Meta-Ject device in combination with active ingredients, precisely where everything happens in the skin. The production of collagen and elastin begins: a natural form of skin renewal from within.

Dermatude skincare and Meta Therapy treatments.

With Dermatude skincare, you keep your skin healthy
and ensure that it remains in optimal condition. The Meta Therapy treatments
enable your skin to absorb the active ingredients exceptionally well. The
active ingredients used in the treatment correspond to those in Dermatude
skincare products. This way, Dermatude skincare prolongs the effects of the
treatment and helps achieve the desired skin results. Each Meta Therapy
treatment is paired with a suitable skincare product

✓ Treatment: proven effective
✓ Skincare: proven effective and dermatologically tested
✓ 100% natural: rejuvenation from within
✓ No downtime: wear makeup the next day

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