Struggling with wrinkles?

You can't avoid it as
you age: wrinkles and lines on the face. As you get older, your skin produces
less collagen and elastin, losing its elasticity. This gradual loss results in
fine lines and later deeper wrinkles in your skin. Preventing skin aging and wrinkles
entirely is unfortunately not possible. There's no anti-wrinkle cream that can
stop this process. It's a natural process of the skin. But don't worry, with
the right skincare and precautions, you can prevent wrinkles for as long as
possible and ultimately make them less visible.

The skin aging process

Of course, having a wrinkle here and there is not a big deal as you age. But you want to delay this
as long as possible and keep your face looking young and healthy. When it comes
to skin aging, we can talk about two different types. First, there's natural
aging. This is when your skin gradually becomes thinner and less elastic as you
age. Wrinkles slowly but surely form. This is a process that you can't stop.
Second, there's the aging process caused by external influences. These include
many factors such as UV radiation, stress, diet, smoking, and alcohol. But
improper use of makeup and skincare also plays a significant role. Below, we
provide you with some tips to prevent premature skin aging.

Preventing wrinkles

Prevention is better than cure. To delay wrinkles as
much as possible, Dermatude has compiled a number of (easy) tips to combat
premature skin aging:

• Facial sunscreen: Apply SPF cream daily, with a
minimum factor of 30, to prevent wrinkles and crow's feet. It sounds easy, but
many people forget to do this daily. There is often a misconception that SPF
cream only needs to be applied when the sun is shining in the summer. Nothing
could be further from the truth. UV radiation is present even on a cloudy day.
Therefore, apply SPF cream daily to protect your skin. The best anti-wrinkle
cream is sunscreen.

• The right facial cream for your skin type: In
addition to sunscreen, it is important to use complementary skincare products
that suit your skin and counteract skin aging. Use the Firming & Lifting
Serum to provide your skin with immediate and lasting tension. It rejuvenates
mature skin, helps reduce signs of aging, and improves elasticity. Use the
serum in combination with the Firming & Lifting Cream to nourish and care
for your skin.

• Hydration: Ensure that your skin is also nourished
and hydrated from within. Drink 1 to 2 liters of water daily and avoid alcohol
as much as possible.

Crème tegen rimpels

 Preventing skin aging with Meta Therapy

Dermatude Meta Therapy is a 100% natural beauty treatment for skin rejuvenation and
improvement from within. Dermatude Meta Therapy is successfully applied to
address issues such as deep wrinkles, dark circles, fine lines, and loss of
elasticity. During Meta Therapy facial treatments, the skin is stimulated and
activated from within to produce collagen and elastin, and improve blood
circulation. Interested in a Meta Therapy treatment or want to learn more about
this treatment? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.