About Dermatude

Dermatude offers a range of skincare products tailored
to your skin type and addressing your specific concerns. Dermatude comprises a
team of professionals focusing on natural skin rejuvenation and enhancement.
With Dermatude Meta Therapy treatments, the skin aging process is significantly
slowed down, and visible signs of skin aging can be reduced. The ingredients
used during these Meta Therapy treatments align with the active ingredients in
Dermatude's skincare products for home use. With our four different home
skincare product lines, the results are even better.

Dermatude Meta Therapy

Dermatude originated from the idea that the beauty
industry lacked a long-lasting, effective way to combat skin aging in a natural
manner. While many products and treatments on the market offer short-term
results, there was a gap for something with lasting effects. Thus, Dermatude
Meta Therapy was born: a comprehensive concept that addresses skin aging from
ages 25 to 75. More effective than a regular facial treatment but less invasive
than surgery, Meta Therapy is safe and effective, utilized worldwide by leading

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Dermatude home skincare products

The Meta Therapy is an innovation in the beauty industry that has been around for 10 years. These
treatments make your skin particularly receptive to active ingredients. The
ingredients used during the treatment correspond to the active substances in
Dermatude's skincare products for home use. In this way, Dermatude skincare
extends the effect of the treatment and contributes to an even better result. This
is why supporting Meta Therapy treatments at home is essential. But even
without these treatments, the skincare products contribute to healthy skin.
This is because the skincare products are tailored to different skin types and concerns.
So, we have the skincare products that suit you.

Meta Therapy Cure

Meta Therapy starts with a course of eight beauty treatments.
In the first phase, it's one treatment weekly for four consecutive weeks. This
is followed by four treatments every two weeks. So, you'll receive eight
treatments spread over three months. During this initial course, you'll see
significant improvement in the skin. Your skin will have a natural, lifting
effect, resulting in reduced visibility of wrinkles , and your skin will appear
younger. That's why Meta Therapy treatments are also referred to as a 'facelift
alternative.' Once the desired result is achieved, it can be maintained with a
maintenance treatment every 4 to 6 weeks.


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