Face masks

Dermatude face masks give your skin an extra boost, remove dead skin cells and even out the complexion. We have face masks for every skin type. So are you ready for me-time? Then clean your face with our facial cleanser, put on something comfortable and relax with one of our facial masks! Order your favorite online and pamper yourself and your skin.

Best Face Mask: For Everyone!

Dermatude has the best face masks for every face! Our masks both target different skin concerns. The Skin Improvement Mask hydrates, supports the moisture balance and has a lifting effect. Makes the skin softer and helps improve skin texture. The mask is also suitable for sensitive skin. The Anti-Ageing Mask fades fine lines and reduces the visibility of deeper wrinkles and large pores. In addition, the face mask improves the skin texture and gives a lifting effect to your skin. When you apply the mask regularly, the formation of wrinkles can slow down and strengthen the connective tissue. Your skin will feel softer and better nourished and protected.

TIP: Both face masks are suitable for use as a night mask. Apply the mask just before going to sleep, leave it on overnight and cleanse your face in the morning.

The benefits of a mask

Your skin has to endure all kinds of things during the day, such as cold, sunlight, perspiration and make-up. That's why it is very important to take care of your skin, to properly protect the skin against external factors. Every now and then your skin can use some extra care. Dermatude skin products contain carefully selected high-quality ingredients. For example, the Anti-Ageing mask contains Vitamin E.

Our masks protect the skin cells, strengthen the connective tissue and supports the moisture balance.

How to apply our face masks?

Our face masks are incredibly easy to apply. To get the most out of your mask, we have listed a number of tips:

  • First things first : Make sure your skin is thoroughly cleaned. This way the ingrediets of the mask can properly penetrate the skin.
  • Apply your mask with a brush, it will minimize the transfer of bacteria from your fingers to your face. Keep your hair away from your face, try using a headband. Tip; Our Beauty Tools Set contains both products!
  • Make sure to relax when the mask is on. For example, read a good book or close your eyes for 10 minutes. Stress is really bad for your skin!
  • Remove the mask with lukewarm water. Finish by splashing your face with cold water. This can help to refresh your skin. The cold water can temporarily reducing the appearance of pores, which will prolong the result of the facemask.

Are you looking forward to a relax moment with a wonderful mask? Shop your favorite mask before 2pm and it will be shipped today!