SPF face cream

Are you enjoying the sun? Always protect your face from the sun's UV rays by applying a good SPF cream. It's important to daily protect your skin to the sun, not only during sunny summer days, but also on cloudy or cooler days when the sun is not that bright. UV rays can still reach the earth and potentially cause harm to your skin. Make sure to add a good SPF face cream into your daily skincare routine! Dermatude has the best SPF 30 cream!

Why is SPF cream important?

SPF cream is important because UV rays can be dangerous and harmful to your skin. With the right SPF cream you can prevent the skin from ageing. And it is also essential for preventing sunburn. Sunburn can be very painful and uncomfortable. Another very important reason to apply SPF cream is to reduce the risk of skin cancer. The more frequently you experience sunburns and unprotected exposure to UV rays, the greater the risk of developing skin cancer. So it's crucial to use a good sunscreen every day!

SPF cream for face

Did you know SPF cream should be reapplied to your face and neck every two hours? To protect your face from the sun's UV rays, it is essential to use an SPF cream formulated specifically for the face. Using a dedicated SPF face cream - Dermatude's Multi Defense SPF 30 - offers serveral benefits:

  • The SPF face cream is formulated to be lightweight and non-greasy, making them suitable for everyday use
  • In addition to protecting your face from UV rays, the Multi Defense SPF stimulates the production of new cels. The cream contains hydrating substances, anti-oxidants and peptides.
  • The cream works as weapon againg skin ageing and contains a unique, protective formula that improves the skin barrier functions from within
  • The SPF cream protect your skin from hyperpigmentation!

The Dermatude Multi Defense SPF 30 is a vital part of any daily skincare routine!

Sunscreen in your daily routine

Are you doing enough to protect your skin? Use a good sunscreen every day and protect your skin against premature aging and hyperpigmentation. The Multi Defense SPF 30 is suitable for every skin type. After cleansing, toning, the serum and day cream, apply sunscreen as the final step! Ready to start your day!

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